Large Multicolor Sea Glass Collage

Using white, green & brown sea glass, we hand wrapped these pieces together to create the Large Multicolor Sea Glass Collage.


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If you’re looking for something unique, the Large Multicolor Sea Glass Collage pendant is for you! Using white, green & brown sea glass, we hand wrapped these pieces together to create the Large Multicolor Sea Glass Collage. We also used gold and copper plated wire to add to this beautiful piece.

Pendant is 2 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ in size without bale.

Our Sea Glass Jewelry

Our Sea Glass Jewelry is all hand wrapped in Delaware. We use authentic sea glass, real sea shells, petrified wood and beach pottery to create our wearable art. Each hand wrapped piece comes on a chain or cord.

What is Sea Glass? 

Authentic sea glass or beach glass originates from discarded bottles, tableware, glass from shipwrecks and household items. These pieces of glass are then tumbled and drift across the ocean floor, soothing and frosting the glass over time. Most glass takes 20 to 40 years to turn into sea glass, but some can drift for over 100 years or more.

Authentic sea glass signs:

  • Letting or other unique distinguishing features such as bottle mouths or marbles
  • A frosted patina
  • Small “C” shaped patterns on the surface
  • Surface cracking
  • Small crevices where grains of sand may be lodged
  • Rounded edges

The most common colors are brown, white, light blue and varying shades of green. Rarer colors include dark olive green, purple, dark cobalt blue, orange and red.

 Meet the SeaGals

Born and raised in Camden, Delaware, sisters Sue and Cheryl Felty have a true appreciation for the beach and the natural reassures found along its shores. Their handcrafted sea glass jewelry and seashell art are created using items found along the shore and left in their natural state as much as possible to make beautiful, natural works of art.

The Felty sisters’ love and respect for these natural elements – seashells, stones and sea glass – began as children, camping and exploring the Delaware state beaches and bays.  As children, they were always encouraged to be imaginative and creative which inspired them to create natural, unique items using the items they had spent together beach combing and collecting over the years.  SeaGals Gallery simply would not exist had these values not been instilled by their mother, June, and their families who have been avid supporters of their business.

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Large Multicolor Sea Glass Collage

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